10 Easy Steps Pros use to Convert Users into Buyers
 by Wes Straub

10 Easy Steps Pros use to Convert Users into Buyers - by Wes Straub

increase website conversionsLike many online businesses, you might be facing the following common problem...

You've designed and built a website to sell your products and services, you have optimized it so it can be found by armies of potential customers, and you've marketed socially on platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Time to kick your feet up, sit back and watch the dollars roll in right?

As the next few weeks go by, you begin to wonder why your bank account balance doesn't match the sky-high traffic numbers appearing in your Google Analytics dashboard. Your site is getting all the traffic you could've ever hoped for, but your sales numbers are disturbingly low.

What you're selling on your site is proven, priced fairly, and has received great feedback from early customers, so why isn't everyone buying it from your site?

The Problem? You've over-estimated the intelligence, attention span and patience of your audience!

We humans can do brilliant things when we put our minds to it, but on a day to day basis, we're actually kind of dumb, and even more so in this world of information overload, lack a lot of capacity for retaining information and not get distracted by the next thing to flash in front of our eyes. And on top of that we're becoming increasingly lazy too!

The Answer? There is no simple "one solution fits all" answer, but rather a bunch of simple yet thoughtful improvements – already tested and proven with that aforementioned human audience – that you can easily make to your current website without blowing it up and starting over.

There are literally hundreds of small improvements you can make, test and tweak, but to keep things simple, I've gathered 10 of my favorite user experience improvements into this article.

  • 1. Put Your Call to Action on Repeat

    You've probably put a lot of thought into the one action you want your customers to take on your site, such as purchasing a product or signing up, now you need to hammer that point home all over your site... without o...


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