2 Smart Ways SEOs Attract More Good Clients
 by Kristi Hagen

Tips to ensure you aren't your client's best-kept secret 2 Smart Ways SEOs Attract More Good Clients — by Nick Nichols

Networking Groups to build your client list You've invested in education and training in SEO, traffic generation, website usability and other online marketing disciplines, and consider yourself an expert in one or more of these areas. Yet, despite having a wealth of knowledge, practical experience and at least a few happy client testimonials, your phone is not ringing and you experience peaks and valleys in your income.

Assuming you practice what you preach and your online marketing assets are properly deployed, why is it, then, that the people you really want as clients don't know about you? Here are some suggestions that I hope will help put you in front of people with the power, money and desire to buy what you sell at the prices you want to charge with little or no negotiation.

One: Networking Smart Not Hard

I can absolutely say that networking groups have changed my entire business for the better. You've heard the saying, it's not what you know but who you know and when it comes to picking up new clients that's never been more true. However, this is something you need to be smart about because when done wrong, networking groups, no matter how popular they seem, can be a huge time suck! I've found that the best kind of networking group to bring truly beneficial relationships into your life is the one you create yourself.

Creating Your Own Group

One of the big perks of creating your own group is that you can hand pick the people you want to join and you are in complete control of when and where the group meets and how it's run. You can charge a membership fee and steer the agenda in any way that makes sense to you. The key is to create a catchy name and a clear unique selling proposition (USP) for your group, a website and simple business cards. Few groups have all of these so you will automatically appear to be a cut above.

When you're in the brainstorming process of creating your networking group remember the four P's.

  1. Purpose — What's the main goal of yo...