3 GREAT Tools to Track Competitors' On-Site Content Changes
 by Casey Markee

3 GREAT Tools to Track Competitor On-Site Content Changes.

  • We are in a competitive vertical and are constantly swapping spaces with the same competitors in the search results on high-demand keywords.Our competitors are very SEO-savvy and make a lot of on-site content changes and add new pages to target specific long tail keyword pages. Is there a way we can more effectively monitor when they make these on-page changes so we can react accordingly?

Answer: Good question. Competitive research is a dying art! It's amazing how many consultations we get with sites that are not tracking their competitors and cannot name the sites currently ranking above them in Google. It's almost as bad as operating online without installing an analytics suite on your server...well, okay, not that bad!

Being able to monitor your biggest competitors' on-page content changes or SEO updates to their web pages is a GREAT strategy and especially in competitive verticals, can make the difference between securing a page-one ranking or being stuck at the top of page two.

One of the easiest ways to measure competitors in real time is right from your browser. For Chrome users, consider the VisualPing plugin. Firefox users can make do with the Update Scanner. Both provide similar functionality and allow users to view changes for sites, especially if those sites don't publish ATOM or RSS feeds.

Fortunately, there are many robust website tracking tools that make this a snap. Here are three of our favorites:

  1. Wachete: Do you want to jumpstart competitive research, automate repetitive tasks, and save a ton of time in your daily life and business? Then Wachete is for you. You can setup TONS of notifications or wachets that allow you to track your site or the site of competitors. Want to make sure you aren't hacked or don't have your own home page or site pages defaced? How about monitoring graphic, PDF or media fi...