5 Must-Use Brainstorming Tips & Tools to Get You Blogging Like a Pro
 by Casey Markee

5 Must-Use Brainstorming Tips & Tools to Get You Blogging Like a Pro

  • It's getting increasingly difficult for our writers to generate blog and article content ideas for our clients. Do you have some tools or tips that may jumpstart our blog idea brainstorming?

Answer: We've all been there: you've got a blogging deadline in less than two hours and you are staring at a blank screen. By far the hardest part of being a blogger is the daily content-creation grind. It's not easy to continuously brainstorm new ideas and topics either for your own blog or those of your clients.

The good news is that there are several tools and tips out there to make this process substantially easier. To that end, here are five pro tips and tools that we use here at SearchEngineNews.com when our writers (yours truly included) get a case of writer's block.

  • Brainstorming Tip #1 - Blog Post Idea Formula:

    Sometimes you can't wait for inspiration to hit and we have to help it along. To do that you can use formulas like these:

    "What [EXAMPLE] can Teach you about [SUBJECT]"

    "Lessons on [SUBJECT] from [EXAMPLE]"

    "Why is [SUBJECT_A] more effective than [SUBJECT_B]"

    "Top ways [EXAMPLE_A] is better than [EXAMPLE_B]"

    This is pretty simple. [EXAMPLE] can be anything or everything, whereas [SUBJECT] is very specific. For results, make your [EXAMPLE] as unrelated as possible to your [SUBJECT].

    For example, visit this post titled Why Crossfit Makes Me a Better SEO. Notice how the example, Crossfit, is on first glance completely unrelated to the topic of SEO. The above are just a couple of variations but you get the picture. This is a great brainstorming way for you to jumpstart your blog writing.

  • Brainstorming Tip #2 - Use the Portent Content Idea Generator!

    The brainchild of Seattle-based internet marketing firm Portent.com, the Content Idea Generator is a fun and easy tool that m...