7 Best Offline Link Building Strategies for Small Business Clients
 by Casey Markee

7 Best Offline Link Building Strategies for Small Business Clients

  • Thanks for all of your link building resources. But do you have any tips to help our small business, local-focused clients? These clients have a limited budget and want to do link building projects on their own. How can we best advise them?

Local offline link building strategiesAnswer: Offline link building isn't easy but it can be done and done well. In fact, most of your small business clients probably have dozens of link opportunities that are just sitting there waiting to be cultivated. Pointing your clients in the right direction towards these opportunities is a no-brainer. Not only will this work to increase the bonds you share with your clients (which usually leads to more business) but it will also more easily get them to "buy-in" to future marketing recommendations when you have them to present.

There are dozens of offline linking opportunities out there for the motivated small business client. But when our own clients ask this question here are our provided Top 7 Offline Link Building Recommendations:

  1. Build relationships, not links: One word: outreach. Consider the use of "ego bait" or article content that lists local or notable people in your industry. Then send them a direct Tweet or Email telling them you've highlighted them. 9 out of 10 times this leads to a reply which leads to them sharing the piece, which leads to new links.
  2. Pitch local news interests: If you live in or near a town, you've probably got a traditional print paper. Each of these usually has a Web site. These papers are starving for local content. Make it a regular habit to pitch new stories on your business, your general industry, and how it may affect your specific community. Also, check out Patch.com. If there is one in your area you can ...