9 Surefire Ways to Optimize your PDF Files for Top 10 Rankings!
 by Casey Markee

9 Surefire Ways to Optimize your PDF Files for Top 10 Rankings!

  • I have a lot of content I plan to convert to .PDF files then upload to my Web site. What is the best way I can SEO optimize these to rank competitively for my target keywords?

PDF File GraphicAnswer: You'll be happy to learn that .pdf files are fully read and cataloged by search engines just like regular Web pages. This means that optimizing them for better rankings and visibility is pretty straightforward and is easier now than ever before.

In fact, many of the same techniques you would use to optimize a regular Web page can be applied effectively to .pdf files. Here are the top nine ways to make sure you get the biggest SEO bang out of your .pdf files in the future:

  • Keyword Rich File Name - Just as you would on a regular Web page, the title of your .pdf file is very important. Try to get your target keyword in your .pdf file name. For example if you are targeting the phrase silly songs you might want to name your file silly-songs.pdf or sillysongs.pdf. This provides you a direct SEO relevancy match in Google.
  • Document Title Properties - Use the document title properties of your .pdf file to specify a default title that will be displayed by the search engines. Using our silly songs example you may want to specify the title as Silly Songs or Favorite Silly Songs. To access the document title properties of your .pdf files follow this navigation: File > Document > Properties > Specify Title
  • On-Page Content Optimization - Same as a regular Web page, optimize your on-page .pdf content for the search engines. Add a title at the top of the page containing your target keyword(s), seed your content with target keywords and optimize the first two sent...