Are you doing an SEO Site Audit? These 7 Tools should be Mandatory!
 by Casey Markee

Are you doing an SEO Site Audit? These 7 Tools should be Mandatory!

  • We understand the need to do regular site audits for our clients but there are so many tools out there it's tough to concentrate on which ones we should be using. Is there a specific list of tools you recommend or which you feel provide more useful feedback that we can use to refine our own audit processing?

7 Link Auditing Tools you Must UseAnswer: Site auditing is horribly under-utilized by even large SEO firms and experienced consultants. It's also why our annual Professional SEO Master's Certification Program is always such a hot ticket. That course contains detailed training on how to conduct site auditing and what tools work best.

If you can't make that training no problem, here's a quick review of some of the best tools that we use regularly when we want to provide a check-up audit on our own site or on the sites of our clients. This clearly is not a complete list but if you are looking to audit user experience, content, link building, and general optimization, these are what we here at SEN use regularly.

  • Tool #1 - Google Search Console: What's the best place to start a regular audit? By going directly to Google and reviewing the data and diagnostics they provide on your site. The Search Console provides continuously updated information on how your site presents in Google. Auditors would want to pay particular attention to Google's newest Blocked Resources report, as well as the Fetch and Render and Mobile Usability tools....