Bill Slawski: 2015 Predictions, Google Patents, Entity Audits & More
 by Kristi Hagen

Bill Slawski: 2015 Predictions, Google Patents, Entity Audits & More — by Kristi

I recently interviewed Bill Slawski, director of Search Marketing at Go Fish Digital, a regular presenter at industry conferences around the country, and search engine expert. Bill is most known throughout the industry as the guy who researches Google patents so that he can interpret them as clues to how Google's algorithm and systems work. Below you will find the complete audio portion of the interview, to listen to here or download later, as well as a simplified version of the transcript.

Bill Slawski profile

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Download the MP3 audio recording here: Bill Slawski Interview.

Interview Transcript

  • What kind of education background have you had that lends itself to interpreting Google patents the way that you do? I bet you weren't an Art major in college.

Bill: I was an English major, which one of my favorite classes was actually a class on literary criticism where we deconstructed stuff people wrote and tried to get a better sense of it. One of my favorite books was one called Modern Practical Criticism where the author actually looked at the ways students criticized works to try and get a sense of the different approaches that they used. And in a way, that's what we do these days to understand user behavior and the way people treat search engines and how they treat webpages they visit – what they click on, what they spend time on and scroll down, how much they like or dislike different sites and how much satisfaction they get out of them.

I went from an undergraduate degree in English to law school and I worked as a teaching assistant fo...