Can a lead-generation website rank well?
 by Kristi Hagen

Can a lead-generation website rank well?

  • I've built a website for the sole purpose of getting leads for an immigration consultancy business who'll be compensating me on a per-lead basis. After doing some research, I've learned that I must provide rich and high quality content and must also obtain high quality backlinks if I'm to have any hope for ranking well. My plan is to make it an information hub for people looking to immigrate to a specific country.

    But I have concerns that it might not be possible to rank well on Google for a site whose sole purpose is to get leads for another company's business. So my question is, is it possible to rank well? What are your thoughts on this strategy? Do you have any suggestions for this type of lead generating site?


Absolutely. There are lots of these types of lead generation sites for businesses like insurance, loans, travel, and so forth. You'll typically see them with a lead-gen form which is how they capture the leads.

However it should be noted that Google doesn't really like them much. They view such sites as a competing middleman between the customer and the actual business. Google would prefer the business purchase AdWords instead of paying you, the competing middlemen, for the leads.

Therefore, your challenge is to make sure your content quality is high and that you have a clean, well designed, responsive website that conforms to Google's standards, backlinks and all. And if you succeed in doing that, then yes! ... it certainly is possible to rank well for a lead generating site which, in some cases, can become a virtual cash machine. Good luck.Planet Ocean article end