Can changing my WordPress Theme hurt my rankings?
 by Staff

Can changing my WordPress Theme hurt my rankings?

  • I'm thinking about changing my WordPress Theme and am wondering if there are any SEO issues I should be aware of. Specifically, I'm wondering if changing it might hurt my rankings?


Yes, that definitely IS a concern.

Choosing the right theme for a website can be challenging because it entails much more than just choosing a colorful design. You must also consider how the content is displayed. This includes headings, text, images, navigation menus, body content, how your pages are linked together, and the use of structured data.

Page speed is also a BIG consideration. Fast loading pages are crucially important to provide a "good user experience" as measured by Google's page experience report in Search Console.

So, yes — whenever you change an existing website, the theme you choose will affect SEO. In the long run you may find that it improves your rankings but there's no guarantee either way.

The bottom line is that you should choose wisely if indeed you decide to change your theme.

A good theme is one that makes it easier for search engines to understand your content. Your best bet is to pick a few themes you like and then try them out on a test website to see which of them provides the best all-around performance.

Start by adding some of the content that you have on your current site and then compare them using the various testing tools available in Search Console. You should also test them using PageSpeed Insights and Google's Chrome DevTools. There are literally a plethora of webpage testing tools available for use and a simple search reveals where to find them.

For the basics Google offers this