Can these Schema 'Warnings' from Google be ignored?
 by Kristi Hagen

Can these Schema warnings from Google be ignored?

  • I recently received a warning email from Google recommending I fix the following issues detected on my site in order to "enable the best experience and coverage in Google Search."

  • Missing field "priceCurrency"

Missing field "priceValidUntil"

Missing field "availability"

Invalid price format in property "price"

Missing field "aggregateRating"

Should I be concerned? I'm thinking that listing the price might deter users from clicking on the link if it isn't to their liking. What are your thoughts?


Although Google wants you to provide all of this information, you are not required to do so. Structured data errors are the only "errors" you really need to address as they will stop your rich results from showing up.

Google has continued to explain that Warnings are not Errors and so can be ignored when there is either no way to fix them or you chose to ignore them. During a recent Webmaster hangout, Google's John Mueller was asked about this specific issue, Product markup missing fields that don't make sense, and this was his response:

So, there are two things here. On the one hand, this is a warning. So, it’s not an error that will… block everything.

It’s basically just saying… it would really help us to have an ID here. So if there were multiple versions of this product or multiple people selling the same product, we can group them together potentially…it’s not that we would like not process it at all. It’s not an error, it’s just a warning.

You don’t have to fix all warnings. A lot of sites have warnings with structured data and that’s perfectly fine.

However, without Reviews/Price etc. your rich results will obviously be lacking. But otherwise, it's not hurting anything. We do like to look at any warnings as opportunities to give Google the information they're asking for but that' snot always possible. Read more on this in our update