Do Nofollow links from important sites pass PageRank?
 by Staff

Do Nofollow links from important sites pass PageRank?

  • My client who claims to know something about SEO believes that nofollow links coming from authoritative sites are only discounted a little but are still more valuable than follow links coming from non-authoritative sites.

    It's my understanding that nofollowed links are completely valueless in regards to passing link juice. Which of us is correct?


You are correct. regardless of where the link comes from, a nofollow link does not pass along any PageRank (link juice) to the page being linked to. However, Google will often follow the link to discover more pages while spidering the web.

Surprisingly, many SEO's do in fact believe that nofollow links from important sites pass PageRank. But the truth is, it doesn't matter if the link comes from NASA or National Geographic or NYTimes, or even Google itself, if it's nofollowed, it passes along zero PageRank.SEN article end