Does the 'GDPR cookie policy' change anything SEO strategy-wise?
 by Kristi Hagen

Does the GDPR cookie policy change anything SEO strategy-wise?

  • In Europe we now have the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in effect. This regulation requires that people accept cookies before we start tracking them.

    Does this mean that we're actually expected to hit the visitor with a 'choice to accept' option before they can read what's on the website? I can't help but wonder how this will affect my SEO efforts?


Using a cookie policy popup won't affect your SEO efforts unless you physically block the site until someone says yes. Obviously, blocking a site prior to getting permission to set a cookie would be detrimental. And, fortunately, that isn't really necessary.

Our UK members along with others we've talked to are using a cookie consent with an agreement, which is showing no discernible impact. We're recommending: – brought to you by a company that hates "the stupid cookie law" and created "a solution that doesn't suck" for free.

Unfortunately, there are going to be grey areas with new laws of this size so when in doubt we suggest you speak with your local data authority to get their definitive answer on the matter. And if you'd like the complete details on this topic then be sure to read our guide, Sell services or goods to Europeans? Then the GDPR applies to you!

Regardless of how you decide to handle it - Remember, we're always here to help you within FastAnswers. So, if you have questions or run into problems you're NOT alone in all of this!SEN article end