Does your blog suck? Fix it with these 7 surefire tips.
 by Casey Markee

Does your blog suck? Fix it with these 7 surefire tips.

  • My blog is not doing well. It's been online for around six months and I still have very low subscriber numbers and limited comments on my posts. I try to update it regularly with new content and have submitted some posts to social bookmarking sites but that's clearly not enough. What tips can you give me to get my blog rolling along?

blog-fail.jpgAnswer: Blogging is one of the best ways you can connect with your target audience, no matter what type of business you have. However, setting up a successful blog is a lot harder than it looks. If your blog is a ghost town, consider the following tips to boost your traffic, promote your content, and increase subscriber numbers:

  • 1. Put your readers first. With all the technical aspects involved in the building of a blog it can be easy to lose sight of its most important component - your readers. Publishing regular content is the first part of your equation. When you set up a production schedule and stick to it, your readers will come to rely on your content. You also need to write content that is helpful and specific to their needs. Posting regularly isn't worth anything if the content is just more of the same re-hashed tired commentary. By writing better content, you'll attract more readers. Make sure to review our previous article on effective content creation located here:

    How to Create and Promote Buzz to Turbo-Charge Your Website Rankings!

  • 2. Promote your blog by allowing do-follow comments. Many people seek out blogs to read and comment on based on their interests, but they may also be looking for something in return. Dofollow backlinks will encourage commenting on your blog and reward your site audience. To discourage spammers you may want to consider configuring your blog with the

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