Facebook Social Ads - Target Niche Markets Better Than Anywhere Else!
 by Ian Cook

Facebook 'Social Ads' – Target Niche Markets Better Than Anywhere Else! — By Esoos Bobnar

First launched back in November of 2007, Facebook's Social Ads are not new. However, only recently are savvy online marketers waking up to the enormous potential of this demographic-based pay-per-click advertising platform.

Facebook's audience has exploded! It's grown to encompass far more than just the college crowd in ways that spell potential for just about any advertiser in any niche. In fact, while Facebook continues to experience all around rapid growth, their fastest growing demographic is users aged 35-54.

Couple that with Facebook's steady rollout of new and improved tools for advanced demographic targeting, keyword research, tracking and analytics, together with bid and budget management tools, and you have an online ad system that deserves the full attention of every serious online marketer.

Target Niche Markets More Accurately Than Anywhere Else!

What makes Facebook Social Ads so unique, and what gives you the single biggest advantage, is that Facebook Social Ads enable you to target a specific niche audience with more accuracy than any other ad network. Because Facebook users tend to load their profiles with so much personal information, you can precisely target your Social Ads according to demographics that include...

  • Location (Country, State/Province, City, even University)
  • Sex
  • Age
  • Education level
  • Relationship status
  • Specific keywords relevant to their interests

When you specify keywords in your demographic targeting, those keywords are based on the interests, activities, job titles, groups, and favorite TV shows, books, and movies expressed by users in their Facebook profiles. Unlike other PPC advertising platforms, you are not targeting search queries.


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