GMB best practice for 2 doctors in same office + schema code
 by Kristi Hagen

What's the best way to get Google to properly handle 2 Chiropractors in the same office within Google My Business? + Schema Code to Check

  • I have a local search question regarding two chiropractors that share the same suite number at an office location. Chiro #1 and Chiro #2 each have their own treatment room within the office and they see their own patients respectively.

    When you search for the business name, Chiro Business Name City State Chiro #1's Google My Business (GMB) profile shows up. Chiro #2 also has a GMB page but it only shows up when the search is specifically for her name.

    Of course, Chiro #2 is understandably unhappy that Chiro #1 is getting all of the GMB visibility. I am looking for a solution that'll provide both chiropractors' somewhat equal visibility.

    I have heard that a biz page can use a top-level category like lawyer and then two practitioners could use a more specific category such as criminal lawyer and personal injury lawyer. And, while this would seem like a great solution in theory, I'm stuck with the fact that these two individuals are both simply chiropractors.

    Right now they don't have a business GMB page. I suppose one option would be to create one and point it at the company home page with the two chiropractors' GMB page linking to an "About Dr Chiro" page but I'm afraid that could just create a even bigger mess since that would be three GMB listings with the same address and phone number. What are your thoughts about that?

    I'm including the website's local business and person structured data markup for your review. Although there is no "chiropractor" for local business, In the Biz Name schema you'll see that I added "alternate name" — having copied that strategy from one of the higher ranking chiropractors in the same city.

    And, I'm thinking that if the person schema is correct, then I'll add another one for the second chiropractor.

     ---LocalBusiness JSON-LD markup---
    <script type='application/ld+json'> 
      "@context": "",
      "@type": "MedicalClinic",