Want to go Viral on Twitter? Use these Five Strategies!
 by Joshua Fricke

Want to go Viral on Twitter? Use these Five Strategies!

  • We release a lot of quality content on our blog that we then try to push out through our various Twitter accounts. Unfortunately, we haven't been that successful in getting the tweets to go viral and generating ReTweets. Can you provide some strategies that we can implement to improve our future efforts?

Answer:Twitter can be very fickle. Every day, thousands of site owners tweet out content that in a majority of cases simply dies on the vine. Even the greatest content can sometimes not "click" with the right user if you fail to write a captivating tweet, use a poor account to start the campaign, or just send out the tweets at the wrong times.

We've conducted dozens of link bait campaigns here at SEN, and Twitter is a huge component of the marketing strategy we implement on each of them. We don't have a 100% success rate, most don't. But there are a couple of strategies we've learned through trial and error on our own campaigns that we feel may give you the best chance of success on your own content.

Here are our five BEST tactics for getting your content to go viral on Twitter and generating more of those all important ReTweets:

  • 1. Use a Quality Twitter Account - Unfortunately, getting people to RT your content means first setting-up, cultivating, and promoting a quality twitter account you can regularly use. Not sure of your account's strength? Go over to Klout and run an analysis. The average Klout score is 40; users with a score of 63 or higher are in the top ...