How can I override a suggested address in Google My Business (GMB)?
 by Kristi Hagen

How can I override a suggested address in Google My Business (GMB)?

  • I'm trying to claim the location and update an address in Google My Business, but the new address keeps getting removed and replaced with the old address as a suggested change.

    Having the old address in there means that I can't get a verification card sent and I'm stuck in an endless loop. How do I find out who or what is suggesting this old address information and is there any way I can override it?


Great question. We know your pain on this one and the good news is that there's an easy fix!

Chances are that you have a third-party tool that has access to your GMB listing that is providing this outdated information. To find out all the tools that have access permissions to your GMB listing:

  1. Login to the Google Account that manages/owns the listing.
  2. Go to
  3. And you'll see a list of services and apps that have editing permissions to your GMB listing. Remove anything that might be causing this problem and save your changes.SEN article end

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Yes, there are a few to choose from. Here's what we've used so far:

Take note that you'll have to fix any naturally occurring 404 errors.

You'll also need a link from within the collection pages to the relevant canonical product URL. For example, is the page that's linked to and not