How to Leverage Amazon to Boost Your eCommerce Sales
 by Warren Whitlock

In a world dominated by Amazon it's a clear case of 'If you can't beat 'em. Join 'em!'
How to Leverage Amazon to Boost Your eCommerce Sales — by Warren Whitlock

amazon_boxes.jpgI hear it all too often...

"Amazon is my biggest competitor. We tried selling there and we just can't make a profit."

It comes from ALL types of businesses - from small shops to successful and very aggressive big businesses. Amazon is seen as a mighty competitor that just can't be slain. Well, that statement is all about how you see them. For me, Amazon is an opportunity for these businesses and it's my job to show them that with strategy and results.

I've gone on to show them that they're missing a huge opportunity to expand sales by letting Amazon work for us rather than against us. Let this article be your step-by-step guide that any ecommerce retailer can use to boost their long bottom line by leveraging Amazon.

Amazon Dominates

You've seen the stats. Amazon continues to grow faster than other ecommerce giants and now has the majority of market share in countless categories like fashion for young adults. This means that there is more clothing purchased from Amazon than any retail chain in the world!

However, what is less known is that third party sellers now choose Amazon more than Esty, eBay or any other platform. Amazon has effectively become a retail outlet for thousands of sellers and this accounts for more than half of Amazon's volume.

If you take one thing from this article, please remember that today Amazon is a marketplace. A place to find new customers, increase sales volume and find new products and markets. Maybe the greatest opportunity for you to boost your sales left on the Internet.

The chart below shows how Amazon dominates, despite other sites beating them in profitability, customer service and ease of use for sellers.


The good news is that Amazon has weaknesses. You ca...