Is there any way to influence the order in which Google displays the Reviews?
 by Staff

Is there any way to influence the order in which Google displays the Reviews?

  • we have a new client who has hundreds of Google reviews with a pretty good average 4.4 review score. However, when someone clicks on reviews from their organic listing, the negative comments come up first even with the default set to ALL > Most Relevant.

    Do you know how the default filtering process works and whether there is anything we can do to influence the default order?


Unfortunately what you're seeing is common and we're not aware of any way to influence the filtering order. Fortunately, over time, those negative reviews tend to drop down as you continue to collect more positive reviews. This should definitely be your main focus.

In regards to the negative reviews themselves, your best strategy is to reply to them as soon as possible. In your replies you should do your best to show you're addressing the negative aspect(s) in a way that prospective customers reading the review would expect to be treated.

For example, if someone complains about their food being cold, the restaurant should reply back and apologize saying something like, "please if this ever happens again bring this to our attention right away so we can make it right with you."

Also bear in mind that negative reviews aren't always bad. If treated as opportunities to handle typical problems, they potentially can be turned into a positive that shows prospective customers you care — and that you are willing to make things right when things go wrong.

The fact is that most of us understand that 'stuff happens' – what makes the difference is how a problem is handled. If it's handled well, that "negative" review turns into a big positive.

To see one example of an effective response to a one star review, and to learn what review-readers thought of the response, go herehtml>