How the Pros Jumpstart Social Media Content with Power Users
 by Casey Markee

How the Pros Jumpstart Social Media Content with Power Users — by Casey Markee

Power User GraphicDo you have a lot of high-quality content that is just sitting there waiting to be found? Have you tried unsuccessfully to it push out through the major social media sites? Well, you're missing one key element that I get hired regularly to make happen for my clients... Social Media Power Users.

If you've got high-quality content to share, power users can be your best bet for getting that content in front of the widest audience possible. In fact, power users are essential to getting your story popular on the top social sites.

Social media power users regularly submit content and have a wide network of contacts that read their content suggestions and follow their submissions on a daily basis. This type of network is essential to making your story popular on most social media sites, and can make or break even the highest-quality content submission.

Finding power users is actually the easy part. Here's a list of how to locate power users on the seven top social media sites so you can begin your own networking outreach.


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