Video: How to Leverage Sitebulb's New Structured Data Features Like a Pro
 by Kristi Hagen

See ALL of your Site's Structured Data in one GO! How to Leverage Sitebulb's New Structured Data Features Like a Pro — by Kristi Hagen

The time of validating schema one URL at a time is over. Sitebulb now validates ALL of your Website's Structured Data Markup in one GO!

Sitebulb saves you a ton of time and headaches by extracting your site's entire profile of Microdata and JSON-LD - reporting on errors that are holding you back. And, in typical Sitebulb fashion, there are easy to use dynamic new features built-in allowing you to...

  • Identify markup eligible for rich results on Google that have critical errors.
  • Learn the logic behind issues thru built-in tips and links to Google's Guidelines and documentation.
  • Quickly spot template wide errors that need correcting.
  • Drill down to individual URLs to take a closer look.
  • Validate stand alone Structured Data Markup or individual URLs - A must now that Google's Structured Data Testing Tool is being retired.
  • And so much more than we can mention here!

Below you will find the complete Master Class video where Patrick Hathaway gives us a personal tour through these new features. Watch it!

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If you aren't using Sitebulb to impress your clients and make auditing websites easier then Start! It's worth its weight in GOLD.

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