Looking for a Career in SEO? How to Leverage SEN for Future Success!
 by Casey Markee

Looking for a Career in SEO? How to Leverage SEN for Future Success!

  • I have had several roles over the past 8 years that had some level of SEO responsibility and enjoyed it but it has not been my primary responsibility. I am intrigued about learning and applying SEO skills as an opportunity for a career change. Any advice on how I could best leverage SEN/Planet Ocean membership and training to make such a career change? Specifically, I see many postings related to SEO responsibilities with "coordinator" and "specialist" level titles and only a few with "Director" and "VP" level titles. All seem to require a lot of experience. Can you speak to that and also what the best platforms are to start a job search?

How to get a Career in SEOAnswer: Pursuing a career in SEO isn't very different than other niches. It takes a competent skill set, experience, and networking. With SEN, we attempt to help you with all three by providing resources, industry coverage, and training to keep your skill set fresh. We also provide, if you are a Mastermind member, a dedicated community that you can use to network with and exchange ideas, techniques and even job opportunities. As with any community out there, it's really all about getting out of it what you put in.

For example, to best "leverage SEN membership and training for a career change" we suggest you first make sure that you've chosen the correct membership level. We checked your profile and it looks like you have just the "Basic" membership and that you've been active since July (though you've been a member off-and-on for years). The basic isn't going to cut it if you are really serious about leveraging our full resources and, more importantly, building up your own strengths. Instead, we'd urge you ...