Help! My SEO client won’t listen to me. What can I do?
 by Casey Markee

Help! My SEO client won't listen to me. What can I do?

  • We have an SEO client who unfortunately is not open to our advice. They fight us on everything from what on-page optimization changes to implement, to which sites they should be concentrating on for link building. We also have had very limited success in getting them to embrace social media or even add a blog. What can we do?

man-pulling-hair-out.jpgIt's difficult to work with clients who don't have their own best interests in mind. Not only does it harm their results, but it robs you from being able to do the best job you can on their behalf. You're in this business because you pride yourself on delivering good results. Clients that resist you are harming their business and yours as well, since results are what pay the bills.

Ideally you can avoid these types of situations by better qualifying and educating your clients from the start. As potential clients approach you for work, screening out the companies that aren't serious or that might be too demanding is going to save you a lot of consternation in the long-run.

First, qualify the prospect by asking a lot of questions. The more you know at the start about their expectations of SEO and their business model, the better you can gauge if your services fit their needs. The best way to accomplish this is through an initial SEO consultation. A phone or online chat, either paid or unpaid and lasting an hour or so, can go a long way in reducing stress in the long-term.

Specifically, use the consult to ask questions about the project itself. How much have they budgeted for SEO work? Is this budget realistic considering the competition in their market? Ask them about the amount of control they are willing to give to you to meet these goals. Will this be enough for your work to be effective? Look at the site on which you will be working. Does their site have potential for growth?

In addition to these questions, you should also study the client's business model in-depth. How much do they know about SEO? Are they aware of the value of SEO and do they understand what...

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