Need to increase newsletter sign-ups? Here's how!
 by Casey Markee

Need to increase newsletter sign-ups? Here's how!

  • We are a leads focused company and driving more subscribers to our newsletter is very important. We used to have 25,000 subscribers and now we are down to less than 15,000. Can you provide some tips we can use to jumpstart our sign-ups?

newsletter_signup.jpgAnswer: The main problem with any sort of newsletter or online sign-up in today's online environment is the trust factor. The incredible proliferation of less than reputable online scammers, spammers and identity thieves has resulted in a more wary prospective audience. Potential customers and new subscribers now protect their email addresses like they were protecting members of their own family.

The result? Lead generation-focused companies like your own need to up their game!

Specifically, you need to present an interesting offer that provides noticeable value...and for free! By free, we mean hooking sign-ups initially with something of value that will encourage them to part with that all-important email address.

Next, how you present this offer will determine its effectiveness. What do you do post-hook? How and where do you present the sign-up on your site to garner the best conversion?

To bait the hook AND place the offer most effectively on your site to maximize sign-ups we recommend you implement the following five tried and tested strategies:

  • 1. Use a lightbox hover sign-up form. Check-out real estate investing tips Web site CRE Online. If you are visiting the site for the first time you will experience a nice looking box hovering over the home page. Lightbox hover forms are visually attractive and lead to higher on-average conversions. We recommend the use of Aweber ...