Optimizing for Amazon's A9 Search Engine
 by Warren Whitlock

Optimizing for Amazon's A9 Search Engine — by Warren Whitlock

Amazon.com is like a rain forest, only this rain forest is growing faster than any jungle. We've been optimizing listings on Amazon for over a decade and we've learned that although few listings are optimized for the A9 search engine, having a top listing is extremely powerful. Want a better overall Google ranking? Get a product with your keywords to rank on Amazon. An Amazon listing almost always appears on the first page of Google's search results with a link to the top A9 result. Our Amazon specialists at Social Media Team Management have been documenting what we've discovered to share with our clients. Below you will find how we optimize listings to rank highly on Amazon.

Amazon is Huge

For Amazon Prime Day this year, Prime membership increased to a record 63 million. Amazon uses that customer data, along with its search engine, to present the products it knows shoppers want - often before the shopper even begins a search.


Amazon is NOT Google

The most important thing for any SEO to know about Amazon is that it is not Google. Google is all about the links to a page and how to get a user to the information that they want. Amazon has one goal… To sell the most items to a customer as possible.

You read right. No amount of inbound links or anything you do off the Amazon.com site will make a difference to the search results Amazon returns on their SERP. No matter what the reputation of an inbound link, Amazon will use its own vast machine learning algorithms of unbelievably dense information.

Amazon knows more than just how long you stay on a page, the path, and whether or not you buy. They record every place your mouse hovers and add all that to actions of millions of customers and billions of transactions… All with one thing in mind: what can they present that will sell you more stuff?

Ranking factors for Amazon

There is a lot less known about Amazon's algorithm than any other search engine. Why?