Personas - The Foundation of User First Engineering
 by Wes Straub

Personas: The Foundation of User First Engineerings — by Wes Straub

The online world is one big mess.

The Big Online MessDon't believe me?! Try to think of the last time you weren't confused by something online. Whether it was trying to buy a product or navigating your way through a website to find an address on your smartphone. I bet that might have been yesterday... or the day before. No matter, if you think hard enough, you'll remember a time.

Want to know the worst part?

With all the new technology coming out in the form of mobile devices, our expectations for things to work better, faster and easier have never been higher. Ten years ago one would have to wait minutes to load a low quality video onto their desktop computer. Today, frustration sets in within seconds if an HD quality video stalls on a smartphone.

So how did we get here?

In the race to become faster, better, more mobile, more optimized and more social we've almost completely forgotten about one key thing - that we're human.

Complex Human Beings

We are extremely complex human beings.

  • We have unique personalities, habits and ways of doing things.
  • It's challenging enough communicating with each other using basic speech and body language.
  • What is obvious to you can be completely obscure to someone else.

As human beings, it's hard for us to step back to a place where we aren't trying to design and develop technologies and experiences exclusively how we personally would like to have them. No wonder we're not that good at it!!

Look at the myriad of websites, systems and technologies in existence today, and the vast number of platforms available to view them on. Each one of them is attempting to provide the best user experience possible - in their own customized, unique way, which is in essence... the "big mess".

So knowing that we live in the "big mess", and realistically that it's only going to get larger and more complicated - the question becomes: