Promote your blog with these top 5 RSS directories!
 by Casey Markee

Promote your blog with these top 5 RSS directories!

  • I've been told that RSS directories are a great way to promote new blogs or jumpstart blogs with low readership. Is this still true? If so, can you provide some recommendations to navigate through the hundreds I'm finding online?

rss-directories.jpgAnswer: RSS directories are still one of the few "free" ways you can jumpstart your blog marketing by getting some initial backlinks and placing your blog in a niche-targeted category.

Further, listing in these directories can result in noticeable traffic increases since you are placing your blog content in front of a larger audience that, in most cases, will rival your current readership substantially.

As you stated correctly there are a lot of RSS directory options, but we can save you some time and give you a quick list of five recommended RSS directories that we use when promoting blogs in which we have a stake:

  • 1. Feedage (Alexa Rank 5,358) - Submit Blog Here: Feedage has over eleven million indexed RSS feeds and growing. It's a large player in the space and a very strong PageRank 6 site which is entirely dofollow (authority does pass down into deeper blog pages). Registration is mandatory but once you have a profile you can submit multiple feeds, obtain detailed stats on your blog, and gain access to several ways to promote your content (custom RSS feeds, widgets, Wordpress plug-ins, etc.).

  • 2. FuelmyBlog (Alexa Rank 55,533) -


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