Why Your Company Could Be Losing Massive Sales Everyday Without You Even Knowing
 by Mary Bowling

What You Need to Know About Protecting Your Company's Reputation Online!
Why Your Company Could Be Losing Massive Sales Everyday Without You Even Knowing
—by Mary Bowling & Kristi Hagen

business-reputation.pngTake a minute and do a Google search for your company name, your domain name, and your personal name. What do those results on the first page or two in Google look like? Seriously - take a minute and check...I'll wait.

Welcome back, hopefully everything on the first few pages is positive. But did you find listings that paint your company in a less than flattering light. Perhaps you found...

  • Blog or forum posts from disgruntled customers or previous employees,

  • Negative reviews of your business, possibly planted by your competition,

  • Embarrassing personal details about top executives in your company.

There could even be whole sites devoted to the myriad of ways in which you "suck".

And if you're seeing negative listings on the first few pages of Google, you can bet that many of your customers are seeing them too. And that's going to have a big effect on whether or not they decide to do business with you.

Few things are more important to your continued online success than your company's brand. And your brand can be quickly destroyed if you're not controlling what customers are presented with when they Google your company. This means...

  • Monitoring what people are saying about your brand online,

  • Practicing defensive SEO to control the top results when customers search for your brand, and...

  • Responding quickly and appropriately if and when negative search results appear.

Monitoring with Google Alerts

The first step in the process of online reputation management is to become aware of what is being said about you. The simplest and least expensive way to do this is set up