SEN Forum Pick: Big box sites taking over Google’s first page
 by Joshua Fricke

SEN Forum Top Pick: Big box sites taking over Google’s first page

I have noticed a change lately in search results on Google but I certainly do not know what to do about it. We have been on Google's first page for our best keyword "lace curtains" in first to fifth place for a number of years. Around our placement were other similar sites most of whom carried a large variety of low end, high end and hard to find products. We are now the only site like that and have slipped to eighth place. The other specialty companies have disappeared. We are now surrounded by either large mail order companies or department stores and, of course, Amazon most of whom carry only low end Asian goods. The worst example is Their site only shows four patterns, each in only one size. All of the rest have very limited choices as well. How can they possibly be on Google's first page? Has anyone else had the same experience? I cannot even imagine a way to solve the problem.

SEN over the years has greatly helped, through their suggestions, to keep me on the first page. I probably will have them audit my site to see what can be improved. It has been a bit discouraging so far to see our site and other comprehensive sites slowly slip into the sunset.

Al Nelson


Small Travel sites have it even harder. After the Stock Exchange listed 'Box sites' adverts comes Google's "Local listing' or Pack of 6 (now 3) and guess who does the booking for those, that's right Googles own After Google is Tripadvisor's organic listings whose compliance with Google's best practises & SEN's guide lines, is a laugh a second. They can never find a price let alone an accurate one and the reviews are obviously manipulated. To add insult to injury our old website which was copied lock stock and barrel some 4yrs ago then beats our new https SEN guideline followed websites.

I wish SEN would start concentrating on other Search Engines and ways to promote a internet business as Google are just looking for slaves and suckers on their search engine. The tools Google have created are outstanding.

caseymarkee SEN's Lead SEO Consultant & Google Penalt...