SEN Forum Pick: Content Creation for busy clients?
 by Joshua Fricke

SEN Forum Top Pick: Content Creation for busy clients?

"Hello, question to all of you on content creation best practices with respect to working with clients. I'm finding I'll send numerous content ideas/questions to clients and they'll implement maybe 1 of 10. My initial thought was that if their niche is highly specialized it's best if the client is assisting in content prep, right?

I'm wondering how you approach content creation and posting+marketing of client content with specialized niche clients who seem too busy to assist? Are you creating/marketing the content 100% on your own, are clients typically assisting or are you just asking for final review prior to content going live?

I don't want clients to slow me down and slow down their own progress so I'm leaning toward implementation first, asking for forgiveness second. How do you all deal with this?
Thanks! Jay"

Kristi_Hagen President & Chief Editor -

Jay, I think that it's a rare client that will take the time out of their busy schedule to create a great piece of content or at least that's my experience. I always give them the option to do it themselves and when someone seems eager then I create a Content Calendar with them that goes out for 12 months. It helps them to understand what to write and when. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't.

However, if they either opt out of writing or can't seem to meet the deadlines then I handle most of the writing with my team while keeping them involved as much as possible.

The thing about content is that quality far out weights quantity. So it's important to put your focus on creating a really stellar piece of content that is truly helpful to the industry or built to be shared (aka link bait) and promoting that verses pumping out a bunch of blog posts that are thin and just filler.

Casey has a great resource here that I tend to go back to from time to time:

How to Generate Kick-Ass Content for your Clients!

I bet Casey will post some examples of great link bait pieces that he's created recently since I've just called him out like this. You'll see from his examples that it's about gettin...