SEN Forum Pick: Increasing Website Traffic
 by Joshua Fricke

SEN Forum Top Pick: Increasing Website Traffic

I have tried to increase my traffic by posting my articles through Social Media including Facebook paid advertising and Linked In. I think my articles are very good and the stats for monthly searches is checked out before I have my articles written. I am still lacking traffic on my site. I was thinking of using a service like Indeed Hits to increase my traffic. Input appreciated. thanks.


I see I asked a similar question before, and have read the response. So, the question is why am I getting so little traffic? I research the keywords I should use in my articles and my SEO tools rank them from Very Hard to Very Easy. I have started to choose the keywords that are very easy to rank for and have seen just a little bit more traffic. Input appreciated. Thanks.

caseymarkee SEN's Lead SEO Consultant & Google Penalty Expert:

Why don't you paste over a sample article recently and we'll take a look. But you have to realize that the average person sees 200+ pieces of content each day. They are also exposes to several movies worth of individual video content. Unless you content is AWESOME it's going to be a struggle to stand out.

Regular publishing is a great thing but you also should be building up your distribution lists. Do you have an email list? Have you built up your social networks so that when you publish something you actually have EYES that will read it? Are you doing more to build up your own individual brand? Sites like MyBlogU and Viral Content Buzz are just two options for you to push out your own content and CONNECT with other influencers.

We have a ton of "link bait" and "content promotion" resources in SEN. Make sure to review those again. Also, and this most important, if a keyword is "easy to rank for" it most likely doesn't have a TON OF TRAFFIC. That would explain why you would experience "little traffic."

Good luck and feel free to share some recent content pieces here and we can provide some critiques for you.