Simple Ways to Leverage Facebook Ads for More Local Leads
 by Michelle Montgomery

Simple Ways to Leverage Facebook Ads for More Local Leads — by Michelle Montgomery

The power behind Facebook advertising lies in its ability to target and retarget the people who interact with your business online.

When we begin looking at all the ways this can support you in your efforts to use Facebook ads to build more local leads, we scratch the surface of what is possible for your marketing approach.

Today, we’re sharing 4 ways to leverage Facebook ads for more local leads, and why they work so well.

Why Facebook Advertising is Worth Your Time for Local Reach

Let’s touch on a critical piece of effective advertising: Your Messaging

To speak to a prospect who doesn’t know who you are yet (a top-of-funnel prospect) with “We’re only a drive away! Buy/Book/Visit now!” messaging (which is a middle and/or bottom-of-funnel message) or vice versa is to waste ad dollars, time and resources.

The three sections of the customer experience life cycle are:

  1. Top of Funnel (TOFU) - Awareness Phase

  2. Middle of Funnel (MOFU) - Consideration Phase

  3. Bottom of Funnel (BOFU) - Decision Phase

When we understand these phases, we are able to build very specific audiences to target with very specific messaging. Identifying where your prospects are in relationship to doing business with you is critical in creating campaigns that speak directly to the needs, concerns, and thoughts of those prospects.

That’s where the power of Facebook comes in: you have the ability to cast a wide geographical net if you’re looking to reach people of all demographics, and you have the ability to get as granular as you want in targeting that geo-blanket with the additional layers of rules and demographics, interests, or behaviors.

Using Facebook Ads to Get Leads

  • Using geo-blankets to reach people within your “local” area.
    Facebook allows you to name the geographic areas you want to reach, or drop location pins to draw your own unique map to target. This should include the ...