SWOT the Hell out of your Website
 by Keith Saye

SWOT the Hell out of your Website — by Keith Saye

Way SWOT Analusis diagram back when I was at university in the late 80's, I learned about using SWOT analysis to assess your business as part of a business and marketing plan.

SWOT is a simple thought matrix used in business to help identify...

  1. Strengths,
  2. Weaknesses,
  3. Opportunities, and
  4. Threats

....related to business competition or project planning. It helps the business owner get a handle on where they are and what they need to do.

Why use SWOT in an audit or with SEO work?

Well, it gives you a different perspective on the site and business you're working with — and anything that does that will get you thinking more creatively. Done with care, the process will give you a deeper understanding of your customers' needs, how to deal with them and also show you opportunities for reaching the clients more effectively.

As you get used to using the technique, it will become second nature, without having to write items out in a grid.

Make SWOT part of an audit as an SEO company

Using SWOT within your audit, where appropriate, helps set you apart from other companies that just try to sign people up for an SEO contract by listing a load of problems for the client and their technical department to sort out.

Rather than just explaining how you can help, you're showing them technical issues. You're also showing your value by exposing opportunities they are missing, potential issues before they happen, as well as building a nice relationship within the company to boot

Pro tip: An audit can b...