The SEN MasterMind Gem Of The Month: July 2017
 by Kristi Hagen

SEN MasterMind Benjamin #6 — Serial LL94663212F
SEN MasterMind Benjamin #LL94663212F

The SEN MasterMind Gem Of The Month
for July 2017 is hereby awarded to:
Andrew Cann

As always our SEN MasterMind Skype Members engaged in a number of threads, some insightful, some poignant, some enlightening and some humorous. But toward the end of the month one stood out as representative of the spirit of the group.

One member needed to be walked through a process and a gang of guys rode to the rescue. So we picked one of the guys. (Don't ask ... it's a secret sauce proprietary algorithm guarded by gargoyles at an undisclosed location on the tiny planet of Giantia).

Honorable Mention goes out to Bill Bean and Acknowledgements are in order for two of our regular SEN MM Superstars, John Heard and Keith Saye!

Congratulations Andrew! Thanks to you and the guys, Barbara gained a leg up on an important step of the GA ladder having four knowledgable experts all corroborating to give her the boost. How cool is that!

Barbara: Somehow my Google Analytics Tracking script/code got wiped out of my website. The code is still there on Google Analytics when you go into but for some unknown period of time it has not been in my site. Since the code was in GA I just copied the script into header.php and saved it on my site but it is still not right. Should I just create a new tracking code and put that one in my site ? Do I need to delete the current one out of GA or does that matter?

Keith: Hi Barbara, you shouldn't need a new one, no.

Barbara: Shouldn't it start working and at least show that it has 1 real time user (me)? It still shows zero and I did this last night.