The SEN MasterMind Gem Of The Month: September 2018
 by Kristi Hagen

SEN MasterMind Benjamin #19 — Serial KB91147652C
SEN MasterMind Benjamin #KB91147652C

The SEN MasterMind Gem Of The Month
for September 2018 is hereby awarded to:
Jacki Kearslake

Responding to a query about a questionable practice engaged in by small-to-medium sized enterprises (SME) in their efforts to compete, Jacki generously shares her process as the discussion produces some great insights relevant to the problem.

Geoff: Hi everyone, I have noticed a tendency by some small business websites to include a list of locations/suburbs that they service.

Typically this is at the bottom of each page. Each location is hyperlinked to a page that duplicates the content apart from a reference to the location.

The reason they give for doing this is because competitors do it and they get a lot of business (unsubstantiated by factual evidence).

My question is - if a SME insists on doing this, then is it reasonable to advise either they "no-index' these pages and/or would canonical tags be appropriate to a primary page to avoid duplication?

Keith:, I'd suggest making original content in each case. Say a case study for a client in that area.

Geoff: Thanks Keith, like the idea of a case study - that's gold!!

Jacki: Agreed. It’s not that hard creating original content for each location page. Even explaining how to get there from various directions including mention of well-known landmarks to help a new customer find the place, where to park (and whether it’s paid parking), details about public transport if that’s how customers might arrive.

Other details that might differ between locations includes name of store manager or other key people, sometimes available services might differ.

Geoff: Thanks Jacki, the issue for most is that they have a bricks and...