Thin Content will KILL your site. Remove it!
 by Casey Markee

Thin Content will KILL your site. Remove it!

  • We hear a lot about thin content and its ability to hurt you with Google. We understand that Google has now added a manual action targeting thin content and that it can also trigger Panda issues. We still struggle with identifying and combating it with our clients. What can we do?

Answer: Back in August Google updated their Webmaster Guidelines by introducing several new Manual Action notices. As you correctly stated, one of these new notices specifically targeted thin content with little or no value. If you were to see this notice in your Google Webmaster Tools account, it's a heads-up that Google has detected low-quality or shallow pages on your site that appear to provide no value to users.

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This is an evolution by Google, low-quality or shallow content was previously being combated algorithmically in the form of the Panda Update. Panda, which was a manually refreshed algorithm run at specific set times, is now a fully integrated part of Google's main platform and is refreshed regularly.

Whether your thin or low-quality content is triggered by a Manual Action or you are suffering rankings and traffic drops due to Panda algorithmic issues, addressing the problem involves the same approach: remove the content from your site!

But before we do that, let's identify thin content, and how to recognize it within your analytics.

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