Tools and Details for Doing Your Weekly Site Maintenance
 by Kristi Hagen

Tools and Details for Doing Your Weekly Site Maintenance

  • I've been taught that's it's good practice to scan and cleanup our site on a weekly basis. However I'm having some trouble determining which pages are receiving traffic. I'm also confused about what are being called Orphan pages. Where or how can I find that information?

Answer: An orphan page is one that has no inbound links from anywhere on your site.

If you're using WordPress with Google Analytics, you can log in and look on the dashboard to find out how many posts and pages you have.

Screaming Frog can connect to your Google Analytics and Search Console and generate an Orphan report – it's called a Not Matched Report. That will show you pages that have traffic but are not found during the crawl.

And it should be also noted that, although WordPress displays your post and pages counts, it isn't a true count of the total since some could be in draft mode.

Here's where you'll find the configuration & instructions for using Screaming Frog.

Also remember that pages that do not have Google Analytics, or do not have any traffic, won't be tracked using this method.Planet Ocean article end ...