Top 3 Ways to Prepare for the Wearables SEO Revolution
 by Casey Markee

Top 3 Ways to Prepare for the Wearables SEO Revolution

  • With the huge success of the Apple Watch and the clear rise in the use of Wearables in general, how does this affect search marketing? Are there browsers on these smartwatches? Are there specific ways we should be optimizing for Apple and Android Wear powered devices?

Answer: You are certainly right to recognize the opportunity that the rise of wearables means for search marketing in general. As you pointed out, Apple is now the new king of the smartwatch industry. Apple sold 1 million watches worldwide during in its first day of pre-orders in April. To put that in perspective, it took Apple 74 days to sell one million iphones and 28 days to sell one million ipads.

As of June 1st, it is estimated that Apple has sold well over 3.2 million smartwatches for an estimated revenue haul of $2 billion. The debut dwarfed first-year sales of Pebble (considered a success at 1 million units) and all 11 brands on the Android Wear platform (720,000 units again in 2014). Apple is projected to sell anywhere from 15-30 million smartwatches in 2015 and the entire smartwatch market could exceed 91 million annual units by 2018.

In short, smartwatches are HOT and knowing how they function and where the opportunities lie for optimization is just smart forward thinking for the average SEO.

To that end, here are Three Wearables SEO Focus Areas which we plan to target when positioning our clients for success using Apple and Android powered smartwatch devices.

  • 1. Voice Search Domination: Unlike the Samsung Gear S (which uses a stripped down version of Opera), The Apple ...