Training Video: 'State of Local Search 2019 & Beyond'
 by Ian Cook

ONE VIDEO will catch you completely up-to-date with the... State of Local Search 2019 & Beyond — by Mary Bowling

master_class_logo_168.pngA few weeks ago we asked Local Search guru, Mary Bowling, if she could shine a light on the effective strategies for Local Search by focusing on what is working TODAY. And, boy did she deliver!

The following 82 minute video presentation gives you everything you need to know about the state of Local Search all in one package.

This is the same presentation that was viewed LIVE by our Business & Pro Support Members in the first week of January during which Mary delivered her 'crash course' in all things Local. She primarily focused on what's changed and where best to direct your efforts in 2019 — after which followed a LIVE Q&A where members were free to ask Mary every single question they could think of!

Anyway, we feel the information provided in this MasterClass is SO valuable, and Local Search SO critical to most businesses' success, that we're sharing it with all levels of our SEN membership because it's just so hard to imagine anyone succeeding without it!  So, here it is...

MasterClass Session Highlights:

What's changed, what's new and what's next.

Google My Business Features: The new LKP opportunities that Google provides to small and medium sized businesses and how to best use them.

Local Search Ranking Factors and Local Algorithm Updates: What it takes to rank in 2019!

Local Tools: New & improved Local Search tools that'll save you tons of time and energy.

Learn, grow and enjoy the MasterClass...