Video: November's Monthly Master Mind Meetup
 by Kristi Hagen

Video: November's Monthly Master Mind Meetup — by Kristi Hagen

SEN has been hosting our monthly Master Mind Meetups for almost a decade now... and in all those years we've stayed on the same antiquated system that we all had a love/hate relationship with. Okay, yeah - it was mostly hate. BUT, perhaps the only good thing the pandemic brought with it was a big growth boost in the digital meeting options.

You probably know where I'm going with this. Last Tuesday's meeting was the first we did on Zoom's updated platform allowing you to actually put faces to some of the names you've been working with all these years. And we had a blast!... or as one member put it:

GREAT insights this month. Learned more than I ever have from these!
- Ron

It was a big enough moment that I'm breaking the rules (again) and publishing the video here for all of our members to leverage. Yes, this is typically a Business Support perk, but I want to be sure that you get to see the fun we have in these meetings in case you want to join us in December.

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If you'd like to skip to a specific point in the video here are the start times:
John Crowley 00:36 | John Heard 13:13 | Kristi Hagen 37:22 | Q&A 52:10

Here are the links shared during the session