Video: SEN's May 2020 Pro MasterMind Meetup
 by Kristi Hagen

Video: SEN's May 2020 Pro MasterMind Meetup

On Tuesday, May 12th John Heard, Darren Shaw and Carrie Hill joined us for the Monthly Master Mind Meetup. Typically this live meeting is exclusive to SEN Business and Pro members. However, we wanted to be sure that ALL of our members had a chance to leverage this Expert support this month and opened the meeting to all active SEN members.

During this meeting top industry experts spend 5 minutes each covering the latest strategy or news they feel is most important for you to focus on. Then we open the room to live Q&A by members just like you who can ask any and all of the questions they want. Here are some of the strategies touched on:

  • Reviews are back on Google! Ask for them. They're important.

  • BIG Google Update: Proximity Adjustment? User Behavior Shift?

  • Covid-19 post type kills other posts but sticks around for 21 days.

  • Google My Business Q&A is coming back

  • Is your listing being filtered out on Google Maps? The two main reasons why explained.

  • New Google My Business features: gift card sales & donation links.

  • WordPress 5.5 update looming and they just announced they plan to allow you to pick what parts of your site will auto update! Great news.

  • Googlebot may crawl content from a submitted form. What to watch for.

  • Google will ignore your tags and use font sizes to pick headlines.

  • Here's how to see what tools have editing control of your Google My Business (GMB) listing.

    1. Sign in to google account that manages/owns the GMB listing.
    2. Go here:
    3. Remove permissions for anyone who might write to your GMB listing.

Below is the complete video coverage, as well as the audio recording and ALL resources shared.