Training Video: State of Local Search 2020 & Beyond!
 by Kristi Hagen

A professional training session... State of Local Search 2020 & Beyond —by Mary Bowling

master_class_logo_168.pngOn Tuesday, December 17th we had Local Search Expert, Mary Bowling, teach one of our great Master Class Training events. During that training session she gave us a clear timeline of Local Search's growth and left us with solid expert advice on where to go from here. She covered:

  • Google's Recent Algorithm Updates:
    Understand how the Google Local algorithm is maturing and what it means for your business.

  • Google as Your Homepage:
    Learn all the different strategies you can implement to mitigate Google's zero click search results.

  • Positioning Yourself for Success:
    Clearly understand the direction Google Local is moving, so you can head that way, too.

And!... With Local Search such a major focus for so many of our SEN members we thought it only fitting to publish this Master Class in the January issue of SEN to ensure you didn't miss it. So, if Local is your bread and butter then be sure to take the time to watch the video below!

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