Want your news site included in Bing News? Here's what to do!
 by Casey Markee

Want your news site included in Bing News? Here's what to do!

  • I've been trying to get my news site into Bing News for awhile now and haven't had any luck. Surprisingly, I'm in Google News but not in Bing. Can you provide some tips on how I can break the Bing inclusion impasse?

Answer: Bing News is one of the most popular online aggregators of news and is certainly worth your attention. Unfortunately, unlike other popular news aggregators who make it very simple to submit your news through a single interface, you'll need a slightly different approach with Bing.

As of this writing, there does not exist a direct way to submit your news stories individually into Bing - but there is a method to include your site as a whole. Before you submit, however, we suggest you implement the following preliminary steps that can increase your chances of being listed.

First, sign-up for a verified Bing Webmaster Account. As with Google Webmaster Tools, the Bing Webmaster Account has similar functionalities that will allow you to monitor your site's performance in Bing. It's also your lifeline to Bing if/when they want to contact you about your site in the future (including letting you know if you got into Bing News).


Second, open a support ticket at Discover Bing. Click on the "Bing" option in the list of options to create your ticket.



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