What do I do to get my images into our position zero 'knowledge box'?
 by Kristi Hagen

How can I make my images zero position 'knowledge box' ready?

  • We have a position zero (knowledge box) ranking for our client on Google Australia for our target keyword. We've tried putting an image on the page, configured to work in a Google knowledge box, but without success.

    The image rates well on the Google image tool, but we notice the image is nowhere to be found on Google image search. Although ranking on image search is not our objective, we're wondering if this is what's holding it back, or could it be something else?


It's likely that your image dimensions don't quite fit what they want. Google favors 1:1, 16:9 or 4:3 aspect ratios. We suggest you try changing the dimensions of the image first.

Next, you might consider using Q&A Structured Data Markup, which allows you to define the various aspect ratio variations for images. Doing so might help Google use the image in different layouts for Desktop, Mobile and Tablet users.

Go here for details on the markup required. However, be aware that if you use Q&A Structured Data Markup, you need to allow users to submit answers to the page per Google's Guidelines. That might not appeal to you.

If Q&A Markup doesn't make sense, then consider Article markup. That would also allow you to define multiple image variations for the article as such;


For that Article markup code see the JSON section on this page for details.SEN article end