What to do if your search result listing & meta description has gone haywire
 by Kristi Hagen

What to do when your search result listing and meta description has gone haywire.

  • I'm having an issue with one of my clients showing up in search for certain terms. The result shows up like this:
    Widget Concepts
    No information is available for this page. Learn why

    But the meta descriptions have been added and, in most other cases the home page appears like this:

    Widget Concepts: Complete Widget & Gadget Services ...
    For installing, repairing, cleaning and maintaining gadgets and widget ... Widget Concepts is located in Cedarburg, Wisconsin and provides the best in ... ?Widget Sweeping ... · ?Widget Inspections · ?Widget Relining · ?Widget Leaks

    Do you have any idea what might be causing this and what the best course of action to remedy it would be?


More than likely the problem you are having is due to the fact that a request for https://www.widgetconcepts.com/ (www version) is getting redirected to https://widgconcepts.wpengine.com/ which in turn redirects again to https://widgetconcepts.com/

That's the first issue we see.

The second is, the https://widgconcepts.wpengine.com/ robots.txt file is telling Google not to spider, which is likely preventing Google from following the 2nd redirect.

We'd suggest fixing the redirect from https://www.widgetconcepts.com/ to go directly to https://widgetconcepts.com/

The dev site at https://widgconcepts.wpengine.com should maintain the robots.txt block or else shut down the dev site entirely if you're done with it.

Employ these fixes and chances are good your problem will go away.

Regardless of how you decide to handle it - Remember, we're always here to help you within FastAnswers. So, if you have ques...