What's best: landing page or evergreen blog post?
 by Kristi Hagen

What's best: landing page or evergreen blog post?

  • We have a client offering a specific recreational service near both Charlotte and Asheville. We want to create a content page to attract customers who search for this type of service "near" each of these locations. Although we plan to use PPC advertising to drive traffic to each of the pages, we also want them to be found in the organic search results.

    I should also mention that we already have a fat mega menu and we're trying to keep the page structure simple and clean – 3 clicks to book, max – so we tend to favor blog content, over a lot of new landing pages.

    With all this in mind, what would you recommend: an evergreen blog post or a dedicated landing page?


In general, blog posts are regarded as less important, more time-sensitive information. That's because they typically drop off the main link structure down into an archive where they can lose what page rank the site can transfer to them. In other words, they get buried.

But importance itself is more determined by how the content is linked on the site.

So, if the post has external links or if it's linked to specifically from somewhere on the site, that tends to boost their importance so they can continue to perform well in the search results.

Typically, your most important content is what you link to from your main navigation menu and/or from your most important pages such as the home page. However, sometimes we all have to compromise because we shouldn't link to everything from the main menu or the home page. Doing so would dilute the outflowing link juice received by the pages being linked.

Therefore, you should consider linking to them from your other semi-important pages to ensure they never perform as orphan pages. To have any hope of gaining traction in the organic search results, you'll need to have onsite links.SEN article end