What's the best social media share WordPress plugin?
 by Kristi Hagen

What's the best social media share WordPress plugin?

  • I'm looking for a social media share WP plugin? The one I've been using seems "buggy" lately and there haven't been updates for a while. The WP theme I've been using has some share buttons built in but they are at the bottom of the blog article. Would rather have a floating one that can be viewed on the side or at the top of the article. I know there's a trade off with site speed when using some of these plugins.


We like Social Warfare. It's a paid plugin but the consensus is that it's the only one we'd recommend. It's lightning fast and built specifically for responsive sites. It has a ton of built-in features one of which is a social share migration option. So, when you change URLs or go SSL, you can move all your social shares over to new URLs.

Additionally, it doesn't slow your site since it doesn't grab the counts every pageview but instead updates them regularly but not during the pageload. The support is typically same day response and they have a free version you can try. Then, when you buy the premium you get an additional "add-on" plugin that gives you the extra features. We suggest trying the free version to make sure it works with your site/theme and then upgrade to the pro add-on. We think you'll find it's affordable and well worth it. Planet Ocean article end