Where can I find a demo for Google Analytics?
 by Staff

Where can I find a demo for Google Analytics?

  • I'm thinking about using Google Analytics on my site but I'd like to learn a little something about how it works before I commit to dive in.

    Do you know if there's a demo or something like that I can use to help me get started?


As a matter of fact, yes.

Google actually provides a fully functional Google Analytics account demo available to anyone with a Google account.

The demo contains one Universal Analytics property and two Google Analytics 4 properties.

According to Google,

The demo account is a great way to look at real business data and experiment with Google Analytics features.

Start with the help doc where you'll learn:

  • How to access the demo account
  • Where the data comes from
  • Ways to use the demo account
  • What the limitations are
  • And how to remove access when you're finished

You'll be learning by experimenting with data from the Google Merchandise Store and Flood-It!

There ya go. Have fun!SEN article end