Why are my 'click-thrus' and 'conversions' so low when my 'impressions' are so high?
 by Kristi Hagen

Why are my click-thrus and conversions so low when my impressions are so high?

  • I have a health products website and some questions regarding BingAds:
    1. In last few days I've observed a dramatic change in the Impression rate over my adgroups. I received approximently 2000 to 3000 Impressions on a single day in an Adgroups but the Clicks are few and Conversions are zero.
    2. My Account CTR is increasing but the Conversion is still the same.
    3. If the Impression are Approx. 2000 - 3000 per day, why are the Clicks only 100 or less on that same keyword?
    4. I view Details Of such type of Adroups and noticed that the "Search terms" are relevant but still lack conversions.

    Here's a screenshot to help you see what I'm asking about;

    Metrics screenshot

    Your thoughts please?

Answer: Fluctuations in the number of impressions are quite normal. It depends on how many users are searching for your target keywords on any given day. Of course, we're assuming that you didn't change anything in the campaign.

Your CTR can be significantly affected by what appears on the search results page around your ad. If the other shopping ads or organic results that appear alongside your ads are more relevant to the search query, then you can expect your CTR to go down.

You can use this BingAds tool to see what else is appearing for specific queries in specific locations while using specific devices. Go to: https://adinsight.bingads.microsoft.com/Tools/AdPreview

Remember that your ad must beat the competition in regards to Keyword Query Relevancy within the search results pages. In general, the better it answers the search query, the higher your CTR (and your Quality Score) will be. It should also be noted that Conversion Rates rely on several factors and not all of them are connected to your campaigns nor are they under your control.

If in fact a search query IS highly relevant (remembering also ...


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